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The Dept. of Labor estimates each year tens of thousands of workers fail to claim or rollover $850 million in 401k retirement plan assets. A disproportionate share of the missing are former employees of failed companies, which, when they cease operations, may not provide or plan for administration of employee 401(k) plan assets. Another problem: family members of deceased employees often fail to claim defined contribution pension plan benefits stemming from employment that may have ended years earlier.

Retirement funds invested in 401k and other defined-contribution retirement plans belong to the employee, not the employer, so 401k plan participants are protected when an employer files for bankruptcy or otherwise ceases business. Because plan assets continue to earn interest and accumulate potential capital gains, amounts that can be reclaimed may be quite substantial..

This differs from employees with traditional (defined-benefit) pension plans, which are subject to the solvency of the employer; but may be protected against loss by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the federal agency responsible for the regulation of private pension plans. ( For assistance with a missing defined-benefit pension, go to Unclaimed Pension Search. For assistance with a lost IRA, go to: Unclaimed IRA Search )

The financial institutions holding unclaimed 401K assets - trustees; generally banks or brokerages appointed by the plan administrator - often are unable to locate lost employees and missing participants, particularly if they've moved or changed name after marriage or divorce. For assistance and information on tracing and claiming and unclaimed 401(k) plan assets complete the form below. 

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